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Gefahrgut - ADR Pro

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The Dangerous Goods - ADR Pro is used for identification of hazardous substances on the UN number or the substance name and provides details on risk number, hazard diamond NFPA Hazard Diamond, ADR-class, packing group, transport category, Tunnel code, classification code, Hazchem EAC, Label, 1000 points calculator - ADR (Loadin list) and all current ERI -Cards.TARGET GROUP:- Truck Driver- Members of fire brigades- charities- Dangerous Goods Officer in: companies, freight forwarders, transport operations, warehousing, logistics, firefighters
FEATURES:* Search by UN Nnumber* Search by Chemical name * Find the appropriate ERICard* Search Hazard Identification Number (HIN)* Loadin list* No internet connection needed* currently available in German, English and Spanish * (French, Italian, Dutch in planning)* Display size >= 6'' portrait or landscape mode
Details:- Information Hazard Identification Number- NFPA Hazard Diamond (information & details)- ADR Class (information & details)- GHS Pictograms (information & details)- 1000 points calculator - ADR (+Loadin list)- Packing Group (information & details)- Transport Category (information & details)- Tunnel Code (information & details)- Classification Code (information & details)- Hazchem Emergency Action Codes (EAC) (information & details)- ADR Hazard Label- ERI-Cards ("Emergency Response Intervention Cards")
Database status: ADR 2015